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Should a support agent ever just hang up on a caller who is rude or uses abusive language? Describe some pros and cons to this approach, and expalin your position. Please answer this question using complete sentences, and terminology related to the subject of study. To receive credit for this assignment your paper must be a minimum of 500 words, NO MORE THAN 550 WORDS WRITE IN RELATABLE UNDERSTANDABLE LANGUAGE AND TERMS;1.True or False? Communication skills are often more difficult for a new help desk agent to learn than technical skills or business skills.;2. A(n)________________isachoiceeachsupportagentmakes about how professional or casual, how respectful or conde- scending, how formal or informal, or how terse or verbose they will be in their interactions with users.;3.A user?s first impression of a support agent usually comes from the;a.incident greeting;b.solution to the problem;c.incident script used;d. agent?s tone and style;4.Which listening type focuses on opportunities to empathize with the user and provide positive support?;a. Discriminative b. Comprehensive c. Critical d. Therapeutic;e. Relational;5.Which listening type focuses on learning about the knowl- edge level and emotional state of the user?;a. Discriminative b. Comprehensive c. Critical d. Therapeutic;e. Relational;6.Which of these is not a tool for effective listening?;a.avoid distractions;b.view the problem from the user?s perspective; to fill awkward silences;d.probe for details;7.Nonverbal communication behaviors include posture, facial expression, ________________, and ________________.;8.True or False? Nonverbal behaviors are almost as important as the meaning of words in a communication.;9.True or False? Empathy means a user support agent takes ownership and responsibility for a user?s problem.;10.A support agent should make liberal use of the word: a. I;b. You c. We d. Oops;11.One measure of whether a support agent understands a user?s problem is whether they can express the problem in;a.the user?s actual words b.the support agent?s own words c.industry standard vocabulary d.the wording of the script for the problem;12.True or False? Of the three essential communication skills, listening or reading comes before understanding and responding.;13.True or False? Scripts designed to guide a user support agent through an incident should be memorized or read verbatim to a user to avoid mistakes.;14.A support worker who uses a telephone extensively is likely to need to know how to put a call on hold and ________________.;15.True or False? One of the goals of incident management is to help users be more self-reliant.;16.Which of the following is not a primary strategy for a support organization that aims for customer service excellence?;a.Treat clients with respect. b.Explain to clients what you can do for them. c.Agree to any demand a client makes. d.Return calls to clients when promised.;17.Which of these is not a recommended incident management strategy for support agents?;a.Ask goal-directed diagnostic questions. b.Say thanks. c.Teach the user self-reliance. d.Never admit that you are not sure.;18.True or False? A successful support worker is one who has learned from experience how to manipulate a user?s behavior to make the user more productive.;19.True or False? A customer-service ethic is an organization- wide commitment that the client is always right.;20.A support Web site implementer uses four criteria to evaluate a client-friendly site: content, ________________, ________________, and mechanics.


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