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Your company is ready to market their ability to sell goods. You will need to create a graphic that includes a business logo and a dollar amount of current sales. Your logo must include at least 1 shape, defined by a geometric path, using class GeneralPath, and the name of your business. Although the logo may be a compilation of shapes, including basic shapes provided by the Graphics class (i.e., rectangle, polygon, oval, arc or line), the logo must contain at least 1 shape that is not a basic shape and the name of the business. You want to impress your customers, therefore, your logo will flash on and off at a smooth rate, like a neon sign.;Current dollars in goods sold this year should also be displayed in the graphic. Your application will use the Accounts inheritance hierarchy designed previously to compute the total of goods sold. There are 3 types of sales accounts that track sales for your company: supplies, services, and paper.;Each sales account has its own formula for computing the current sales;Supplies = office supplies sold dollar amount + books sold dollar amount + apparel sold dollar amount;Services = number of hours * rate per hour;Paper = number of pounds * price per pound;Intermediate-level Java programming should be demonstrated in your application;There should be implemented constructors for each class.;The toString() method should be overridden to provide readable string representation of each object.;Getters and setters need to be implemented to enforce data hiding.;Code should be fully commented.;Program flow should be logical.;Behavior should be encapsulated into methods avoiding all encompassing large main() methods.;Projects should be developed in NetBeans and zipped prior to submission.;Code should compile and run free of exceptions, indicating that debugging tools were used to eliminate any run time errors.;Please add the pseudocode


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