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You are managing a server installation project that has globally interconnected stakeholders in San;Jose, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, St. Louis, MO, Nashua, MA, Rhos-on-Sea, Wales, and Ljubljana;Slovenia. Stakeholders in San Jose build the individual machines that will comprise the kluge of;boxes that will make up your install project in Rhos-on-Sea and Ljubljana. Your systems engineers;are located in Colorado Springs and your system testers reside in St. Louis.;The contracted vendor assembles the various CPUs, processors, file servers, drives, and cabling that;make up your server network. Rhos-on-Sea and Ljubljana will provide the necessary technicians, on;site, to do the installation under the supervision of the systems engineers, followed by systems testing;by your testers.;Use your imagination and the Greer Communications Planner template (it is one of the templates in;the Greer templates file which is located in Doc Sharing) to build a Project Communication Plan that;encompasses the information requirements as outlined in the PMBOK Guide section;Communications Management Plan. Please understand the Greer Communications Planner;addresses only a portion of the Project Communications Plan. You will need to ensure you address;ALL aspects of the Project Communications Plan as outlined in your PMBOK Guide in secti


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