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SNMPv3: Added Features




The Message Authentication Code (MAC) is a widely used technique for performing message authentication, and one MAC algorithm has emerged as the Internet standard for a wide variety of applications: Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC).;Based on your reading and understanding of the topic, answer the following;Discuss the difference between HMAC and MAC and why it is deemed as the most secure method for the Internet usage.;SNMP has evolved over time into the SNMPv2 and then lastly with the SNMPv3. SNMP provided a minimal but powerful set of facilities for monitoring and control of network elements using a straightforward Structure of Management Information (SMI), MIB, and protocol. But as there are more requirements for monitoring and as networks became more complex, new versions of the SNMP are released.;Compare and contrast the three versions of SNMP, explaining the deficiencies which the preceding version had, which paved the way for the newer version to be created.;Explain in detail two or more strengths of each new version and what it has been brought to today's marketplace.;Discuss in detail two or more advances of SNMPv3 in its security engine and any new MIBs.;**Cite your sources in your work and provide at least 3-4 references for the citations in APA format.


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