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Financial Analysis, including the presentation an...




Financial Analysis, including the presentation and interpretation of relevant ratios for the company and the competitor (not from the list of companies below), ? a time series analysis of these for both companies over the past three years, ? and an analysis of the company?s overall financial position. Your analysis should include a drill-down analysis which assesses operating management, investment management, and financial leverage, and also includes a cash flow analysis. Note that this task is not intended as a mere exercise in ratio calculation. Your analysis should attempt to explain and interpret significant trends or changes that you uncover through your calculations. Analysis and interpretation of the ratios you have calculated should be presented in the body of your report. The actual ratios for each year, along with a definition of each ratio should be included in an appendix to the report (BAV-model file): the appendix will not count towards the word limit. company name-Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd asc code-vba industry-transpotation (do not plgiarism) words-1000


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