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Software Capstone week 5




Individual Portion;The final step in developing the software development plan is to conduct a risk assessment for the project. This is an area often overlooked in software development plans, but it can make a tremendous difference in the success of the plan. Your goal in this stage of the project is to identify areas of the plan that might be at risk, and to prepare risk mitigation action plans for the high-probability and high-impact risk items. You will also further refine the plan to produce the final draft version for the project. Updates may be based on peer and instructor feedback.;The following are the project deliverables;Update the software development plan document title page with a new date and project name.;Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor's feedback.;Please include the following new content in 3?4 additional pages;Risk Analysis;Use appropriate risk analysis techniques to identify the areas of the project you consider to be high risk.;Describe why these are high-risk areas and their potential effects on the project.;For each risk, document a risk mitigation strategy.;Complete the following for the software development plan final version;Review the entire document for any changes and improvements you would like to make.;Ensure this final version of the plan is sufficiently detailed to allow the engineering team to move forward with the development.;Any previous instructor feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes.;This is for the slide show MUST BE POWER POINT SLIDE;Software development plan presentation (PowerPoint document);Title page;Project name;Date;Slides covering the highlights and key points of the following content areas from the software development plan;Requirements;Design


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