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Store Locator iOS App - xCode Project already provide onl need to tie view contorller to outputs and inputs from user




tore Locator Search Results;Resources;Store Locator Search Results Scoring Guide.;BBYOpen.;;For this project component, you will use the skills you gained in this unit's study activities to implement the Smart Homes store locator application's user interface, allowing the user to browse the results returned from submitting search parameters in the search input interface. When the user taps the submit button to send the search parameters, the application should do the following;Use the BBYOpen API to retrieve a list of stores using the search parameters.;Display the list of returned stores in a scrollable table with the closest store at the top and the farthest store at the bottom.;Your completed assignment should achieve the following;Demonstrate an ability to integrate third-party application programming interfaces to communicate with a Web service.;Construct an iOS application that communicates with a third-party Web service without blocking the user interface.;Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot network communication errors when using a third-party Web service integrated with an iOS application.;I can provid project file to private email or other menas as file is too lardge to upload here


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