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For this assignment, you will need to download the Student Grade Book template by clicking here.;After you download the template to your desktop, open the grade book and complete the following steps;Step 1: In cell B2, enter the current date in Month, Day, Year format. Example: November 15, 2011;Step 2: In Cell E4, change "Student name" to your name. Use the Merge Cell command to spread your name over two to three cells.;Step 3: In cell D4, Enter the heading "My Grades at AIU." Format this title in bold, Calibri, 16-point font.;Step 4: In the areas where you see zeros is the data entry area, enter the grades for both of the courses. You can enter your actual grades or make them up.;Step 5: In column M11, Sum all of your grades. Copy this formula to M12;Step 6: In column N11, compute the percentage. Use a formula or a calculation.;Step 7: In field D16, compute the total of both of your classes.;Step 8: In the Date column, enter the date you took the course. This can be real or fictional.;Step 9: Bold all of the headings.;Step 10: Put a border around the data-entry area.;Step 11: Do any other modifications you like to make the data more presentable.;Step 12: Save the document as "First Name_Last Name_StudentGradebook.xls;Please submit your assignment;For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.;Course Materials


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