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POS 409 Week 2 Complete DQ's & Assignment (NET II) A+ Graded




POS 409 (Net II);Week 2;Week 2 DQ 1;Please post your answers in this thread.;DQ 1: Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following;(a) Create an example of a nested IF structure and build it into a small project. Compile and execute the program, and discuss any challenges you encountered. Post the code of the program.;(b) Think of an example associated with your work or hobbies in which a sequential data file would be useful. Create a project that includes reading from or writing to that file using a repetition structure. Post the code for your solution as an attached zip file.;Consider keeping a copy of your project for future employment purposes.;Ref: Decision Structures, Chapter 4, "Starting Out with Visual C#;Using Files for Data Storage, Chapter 5, page 289, "Starting Out with Visual C#;Week 2 DQ 2;DQ 2 After reading the Lecture and the References in this question;Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following;(a) The XAML expression {Binding Path:Name} means that the control is data bound to the property Name which is available from the specified DataContext.;If you have a textbox that you want bound to a Property called Price in the specified DataContext;How will you write the XAML code for the textbox?;(b) Write the XAML code to specify a Collection Data Source for a Collection named ResidenceList.;This source should be available for all items in a Window.;Ref: Data Binding in WPF;;Data Binding, the WPF Way;;Week 2 Assignment;Learning Team C Project Kudler Fine Foods Inventory Management Systems;POS 409 Week 2 Individual Dice Simulation.


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