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POS 409 Week 1 Complete DQ's & Assignment (NET II) A+ Graded




POS 409 (Net II);Week 1 DQ 1;Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following;Based on the SkillSoft? reading, ?C# and the CLR,? how does C# fit into the.NET framework?;What are the advantages of the Common Language Runtime in.NET?;Ref: Article: ?A comparative view of C#?;;Week 1 DQ 2;Please post your answers in this thread.;DQ 2: Provide an answer to the following questions;(a) You are analyzing the validity of a user input entered via a Textbox to populate an integer variable, provide the C# code that will populate the variable with a valid value.;(b) What will happen in above scenario, if the user input is not an integer?;(c) Does the string variable name Point of Sale is a valid name?;Ref: Starting Out with Visual C#, Chapter 3;Week 1 Assignment;POS 409 Week 1 Individual Pet's Name.


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