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Info;1. Contact at least three people at your school or a nearby company who use information;systems. List the systems, the position titles of the users, and the business functions;that the systems support.;2. Research newspaper, business magazine articles, or the Web to find computer;companies whose stock is traded publicly. Choose a company and pretend to buy;$1,000 of its stock. What is the current price per share? Why did you choose that;company? Report each week to your class on how your stock is doing.;3. Do a search on the Web to learn more about agile system development approaches and;spiral models. Prepare a summary of the results and a list of the sites you visited.;4. Is it really possible to measure thinking skills? Before you decide, visit the Critical;Thinking Community site shown in Figure 1-35 on page 31. Prepare a brief memo;with your conclusion and reasons.


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