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NTC 362 (Fundamentals of Networking) Week 4 Complete A+




Week 4;NTC 362 Week 4 DQ 1;Briefly describing the benefits of the physical media type you chose.;Briefly compare and contrast the media you chose with the others covered in the chapter.;Describe why a business would choose this media. Be specific.;NTC 362 Week 4 DQ 2;Check out these websites on WiMax (, Combined the readings in Telecom Essentials, do additional research (such as the ERR, library and internet research), and answer the following questions;Briefly describe WiMax. What was the original intent of WiMax? How has it evolved? What are some of the upcoming visions for WiMax? Would you consider WiMax as a WAN alternative? Why/why not?;NTC 362 Week 4 DQ 3;What is a LAN subnet? What are some of the strategies for a network administrator to consider use subnetting (why do it)? What, if any, equipment is needed? Are there other alternatives that can accomplish similar results?;Week 4 Assignments;Time Division Multiple Access, Frequency Division, Multiple Access, and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (3100+ Words);NTC 362 Week 4, Integrative Network Design Project, Part 3. (3400+ Words)


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