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Based of your understanding of Remote Monitoring (RMON);In a Microsoft Word document, configure a RMON and create a 3- to 4-page report addressing the following;Assume the following scenario for configuration;The company you are designing for has the Internet with three subnetworks.;Two of the sub-networks are located in the same building while the other sub-network is at a remote site.;A dedicated management station with RMON management capability is attached to the central LAN.;One of the sub-networks, the RMON Management Information Base (MIB), is implemented in a PC, which may be dedicated to remote monitoring or, if the traffic on the sub-network is light, may perform other duties, such as local network management or a server function.;The Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) backbone is the second management station with RMON management capability, concerned with management of the networks at that site.;The RMON MIB functions for the token ring LAN are performed by the router that connects that LAN to the rest of the Internet.;**Discuss the types of monitoring and alarms necessary in your configuration.;**Describe where each one is housed and how it is implemented.;**Define any conditions for the alarm as necessary and describe the type of monitoring that is being implemented in each instance.;CRITERIA FOR GRADING;Analyzed and described three monitoring types in detail.;Analyzed and described three alarm types in detail.;Explained purpose and benefits for each alarm and monitoring types;Discussed definitions used for alarms and monitoring type.;Shared insights of the process of creating the document (challenges, new insights, etc.).;Written components.;Support your responses with examples.;Cite any sources in APA format.


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