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You are a contestant on a game show and have won a shot at the grand prize. Before;you are three doors. $1,000,000 in cash has randomly been placed behind one door.;Behind the other two doors are the consolation prizes of dishwasher detergent. The;game show host asks you to select a door, and you randomly pick one. However;before revealing the prize behind your door, the game show host reveals one of the;other doors that contains a consolation prize. At this point, the game show host asks;if you would like to stick with your original choice or to switch to the remaining;door.;Write a function to simulate the game show problem. Your function should;randomly select locations for the prizes, select a door at random chosen by the;contestant, and then determine whether the contestant would win or lose by;sticking with the original choice or switching to the remaining door. You may wish;to create additional functions invoked by this function.;Next, modify your program so that it simulates playing 10,000 games. Count the;number of times the contestant wins when switching versus staying. If you are the;contestant, what choice should you make to optimize your chances of winning the;cash, or does it not matter?


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