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CIS 205 Week 5 Learning Team Paper (A Study of Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated) + Presentation (Service Request Inventory Management System)




Post 7-10 page paper (350 words per page) summarizing the project proposal and submit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the project in each Learning Team forum.;Brief Summary of Week 5 Deliverables;Assignment;Individual or Learning Team;Location;Due;Participation;Individual;Main;Ongoing? 4 days per week;Individual DQ1;Individual;Main;Wednesday;Project Paper and Presentation;Learning Team;Learning Team forum;Saturday;LEARNING TEAM ASSIGNMENTS;Description;The purpose of the Learning Team project is to introduce you to the methodology used to develop systems in either a single-user or a multi-user environment, and to familiarize you with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). You will be introduced to SDLC in Week One. System solutions are a large capital investment in today?s business world, and the application of such large investments must be based on specific business needs and subsequent returns. System projects are being held accountable for meeting business needs. It is therefore critical to identify and articulate both verbally and quantifiably, those business needs in order to obtain successful information technology solution projects.;Objective;Apply the System Development Life Cycle methodology.;Standards;Refer to ?Standards for Written Work? and ?Standards for Presentations? in your Program Handbook, which can be accessed through the University of Phoenix eCampus Web site.;Written Report;Students will select a business situation that requires an information system solution and develop a written proposal for a project that will meet the business needs.;The deliverables specified in each of the following learning team meetings become a part of the learning team project submitted in week 5. There will be no learning team deliverables required until the final project is due in week 5.;Learning Team Project;The following assignment refers to a Service Request for Riordan Manufacturing, one of the Virtual Organizations. A link to the Virtual Organizations can be found on the rEsource page.;Service Request;Organization Name;Riordan Manufacturing;Locations;All Locations;Requester;Hugh McCauley, COO;Description of Request;Suggest specific systems changes that improve our inventory or manufacturing processes.;Background of Request;We would like to use computer system utilization to become more efficient.;Expected Results/Impact when completed;Create a business requirements definition for system upgrades/improvement to be given to the IT department or information systems consultants.;Meeting One (Week 2);Create a Learning Team Charter.;Draft a 1-2 page (350 words per page) executive summary that states that identifies the areas of the business to be improved, identifies the purpose of the project, and lists stakeholders associated with the project.;Meeting Two (Week 3);Draft the next 2-4 page (350 words per page) section that identifies the business requirements of the service request.;Meeting Three (Week 4);Draft a 2-4-page (350 words per page) section that will use process flow charts, procedures, or policy statements to articulate the business requirements in terms of specific process or business development needs.;Meeting Four (Week 5);Finalize the 7-10 page paper (350 words per page) summarizing the project proposal. Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the project.


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