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CIS112 Project




CIS112 Project;This assignment will bring together concepts and skills you learn in the course into a cohesive project. Select one of the choices below to focus on. Within the unit discussion forums, you will have the opportunity to explore with your classmates the different characteristics for your choice. Work on the project throughout the course as you gain understanding of these characteristics. You will submit your final project in Unit 8.;Choice 1: The Ultimate Home Office;Choice 2: The Ultimate Mobile Office;Characteristics to address;? Hardware (input and output);? Ethical issues including netiquette;? Software (standalone and Internet based);? Network configuration including hardware and software;? Security issues including social media threats;? How the office could be incorporated into your chosen career path;Components;1. Word Document;? Minimum 5 pages;? Overall theme;? Page 1: Cover Page;? Page 2: Table of Contents with at least two levels of headings;? Pages 3 to 4 minimum including;o at least two photos with captions;o at least 2 footnotes;? Last Page: Table of Figures and Bibliography;2. PowerPoint Presentation;? Minimum 10 slides;? Overall theme;? First slide: title slide;? Last slide: summary;? On each slide;o Clipart;o Animation;o Transition to next slide;? At least one table and one bulleted list;3. Excel Spreadsheet;? List of purchases including;o Cost;o Website of supplier;? Total cost line using formula calculation;? Pie Chart showing each item?s percentage of total cost


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