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Imagine you are working for an in-house software team for a company that wants to monitor network access points in a building. Each building has a specified number of floors, a certain number of rooms per floor, and some number of network access points in a room. Each network access point is labeled with its state as being on or off and if it is on it has the month it was turned on. Design, implement, and test classes that represent buildings, floors, and network access points. Your classes should provide suitable observer methods that allow you to determine how many floors are in a building, how many rooms are on a floor, how many access points are in a room, and if an access point is on or off and which month it was turned on. You should also provide mutator methods that allow you to turn a network access point on or off and to set the month if it is turned on. You should use composition as a key strategy in designing these classes?thus, a building should contain floors, floors should contain rooms, and rooms should contain network access points. Your program should allow a user to add additional floors, rooms, and access points as well as turn access points on and off. Your program should also report errors using exceptions if a room, floor, or access point is chosen that does not exist.


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