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Proposals are a critical part of a good writing. But as this is a professional skill that is rarely taught or expected. The proposal I require is tool for you, not for me. That is I teach you a skill that you can apply in any class or in the real world when you have to prepare a paper, and want to organize up front.;The topic of the paper is your choice related to the course. That is the topic has to relate to homeland security issues. You may do a research paper, or a case study. The term paper should relate to a problem or issue that you will offer solutions or recommendations. I don?t want just a lot of information or background, but a paper that develops arguments leading to a strong conclusion.;That is the paper is not just a lot of information or background. That is a different type of paper. Think of the paper in terms of problem/solution. So the propoal identifies the problem, or issue, you want to explore. You have to think through the paper and have an initial idea of what your solution will be. Then you must determine how you will approach the problem and what key points you will have to make. Then you have what you need to draft the proposal.;The most important part of the proposal is the last paragraph or two where you lay out what you hope to learn from the paper, and what solution, recommenation, or other takeaway you will have. The concluson is the most important element of any analytical paper, and most research papers or term papers are analytical papers;For this class you will need to identify any homeland security issue or problem and offer both lessons from the arguments you make and solutions or recommendations to resolve the issue or problem. You may do a case study, and offer your lessons and takeaway from those lessons or, you can have any other security topic related to this course?s subject matter.;proposal should be 3pages


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