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n this Case, you will be introduced to Python classes and methods. Programming skills are only developed by practice, practice and more practice!;Your assignment is to create mini-Python projects or programs and to run them in the Python-IDLE environment. You are to do the following;Read chapters 16 from ?Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python (Version 1.1.22)?, a reference in the background materials. Code all the examples and exercises into the Python IDLE and successfully run them. Save the final programs into Python files.;(a common mistake that occurs is that when you cut/paste the code directly from the tutorial, there will be extra empty spaces before certain lines, then you will encounter a syntax error message " unexpected indent " when you run the program. Fix the problem by deleting the extra indent.);When you've done, insert all of the various program files into a single zip file. Include a one brief summary document in Microsoft Word which explains what you have accomplished.


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