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create a simple shopping cart application.;Display a list of books as an h:selectOneRadio element. When;the user submits the form, store the user?s selection in a @SessionScoped managed bean. Allow the;user to return to the list of books andmake additional selections. Provide a link to view the shopping;cart. On the shopping cart page, display the list of selections the user made, the price of each book;and the total of all books in the cart.;list of books must be in radio button.... For eg: english,spanish, turkish books... once clicked it must be added to the cart... and a total displayed below and timer of 30 mins above the cart.... there must be a access to the previous page from the cart if user wish to add more books.... Thats it;A@SessionScoped bean can maintain a user?s selections throughout the user?s session.;Such a bean is created when a session begins and exists throughout the entire session.;? A@SessionScoped bean can be accessed by all of the app?s pages, and the app server maintains a;separate @SessionScoped bean for each user.;? By default a session expires after 30 minutes of inactivity or when the user closes the browser that;was used to begin the session.When the session expires, the server discards the bean that was associated;with that session.;? Theui:repeat element inserts its nested element(s);once for each element in a collection. The collection is specified by the value attribute?s EL expression;which must return an array, a List, a java.sql.ResultSet or an Object.;? The ui:repeat element?s var attribute creates a variable named book to which each item in the;collection is assigned in sequence.


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