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C++ Binary File IO




File Reading and Writing;This assignment consists of reading three files and writing out the results to the console. The three files can be found on Moodle: text.bin, bin_data.bin, and mixed.bin.;1) Reading text from a file;You are to open the file ?text.bin? for reading. It contains a single line of text ?Mary had a little lamb?. You are to read this file, read the words, then write them to the console in reverse order. The output should read;?lamb little a had Mary?.;Hint: Store the words in an array as you read them.;2) Reading binary data from a file;You are to open the file ?bin_data.bin? for reading. It contains binary data written using the following data format;struct binary {int a, float b, char letters[6],};That is, there are three records in the array. Each record contains one int, one float, and 6 letters. You are to read the data and output it to the console. The output should look like (depending on formatting);3 3.14 pi 2 1.414 sqrt 42 42.0 towel;Hint: Create a buffer of type binary and read the data into it. Then you can access it by bufferName.a, bufferName.b, bufferName.letters. Read and output one buffer full at a time until you reach the end of the file.;3) Reading and parsing mixed data;You are to open the file ?mixed.bin? for reading. It contains ascii data that is a mixture of words and integers with spaces between each item. There are a total of four lines in the file, the fourth line contains ?00?. You should read a line of data, then break it into words and numbers, saving them in a string array and an integer array. You can ignore any spaces. When you are done reading the file, you should write out the saved data. The output should look like;Horse House Elephant Dog Car Cat Mouse Rat Cow Pig Chicken;36 32 1 2 4 47 19 19 11 0;Hint: Read each line into a buffer. Then walk down the buffer one character at a time. If the character is a letter, then extract a word. If the character is a digit, then extract a number. If it is a space, then increment the index by one.


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