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CSC139 Chapter 4 Lab Assignments;Control Structure;In this lab assignment, you will create a ? TimeEntry ? windows form application, user will input work hours for each day in a week (5 days) repeatedly, the program will record the user?s time entries, calculate the payment and display on the form. Please follow the following steps to complete this assignment.;? Create a new Windows Form Application ? TimeEntry ?.;? Design and define the GUI similar to the following form;? User will enter time (hours) in the textbox, suppose user always input valid integer hours.;? Set ?Submit time? button as the default button for the form, this button will be pressed when the user presses the Enter key.;? Add a ListBox to record and display the time entries for 5 days, after user enter hours for one day, it will be shown in the ListBox immediately.;? The ?Get payment? button is disabled when program starts to run.;? After user enters hours for 5 days, the TextBox and ?Submit time? button are disabled, the ?Get payment? button is enabled.;? Create and define 3 event handler methods to handle the button_click events for 3 buttons.;? When click ? Submit time ? button -----;? If the TextBox is not empty and user entered less than 5 time entries, the hours entered in the TextBox will be read and added in the ListBox.;? If user has already entered 5 time entries, then disable the ?Submit time? button and hours TextBox, enable ?Get Payment? button.;? When click ? Get payment ? button -----;? Use a counter controlled repetition statement to read time entries repeatedly from ListBox for calculation.;? Calculate the total hours;? Calculate user?s payment following the rules below;? If the total hours is less than or equal to 40, then calculate payments, otherwise, display an error message to the user.;? If total hours is between 0 and 20 hours, the hourly wage is $10.00;? If total hours is between 21 and 30 hours, the hourly wage is $12.00;? If total hours is between 31 and 40 hours, the hourly wage is $15.00;? Display user?s payment as the Text property of the result Label.;? You may use this code to display the payment in a currency format.;PayLabel.Text = String.Format("{0:C2}", Payment);? When click ? Clear time ? button ----;? The TextBox, ListBox and result label will be cleared;? The form should be converted to the initial format.;Test cases;Hours for 5 days;Payment;3, 2, 2, 3, 4;$140.00;4, 5, 6, 7, 5;$324.00;8, 7, 8, 5, 8;$540.00;9, 9, 8, 7, 9;Error


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