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Please follow the example ?EmployeeBonus? to create a ?Business Travel Expense? windows application. Possible form layout and outputs are shown below;Input view ---;Output view ---;Add all controls in a single Form, let list box and Close button overlap the other controls in the design mode.;Make list box and Close button invisible and other controls visible in the design mode.;Do not use global variable ? all variables should be declared inside method or function..;Use String type to represent organization, date and location.;Use D ecimal type to represent expenses.;Pass variables to subs/functions correctly using ByVal (could be ignored) or ByRef.;Define a sub method ?GetInputs? to get all inputs.;Define a sub method ?DisplayResults? to display output.;Results should match the above sample output.;?zone? output formatting should be used for displaying expenses;Format as currency where appropriate;Define function to compute deductible (50%) meal/entertainment amount.;Define another function to compute total non-meal/entertainment amount.;When running the project, the input form (view) will be shown.;When the ?Display Business Travel Expense Attachment? button is clicked;Call the ?GetInputs? method to get all inputs.;Calculate expenses other than meal & entertainment by calling the function.;? Calculate deductible (50%) meal & entertainment expenses by calling the function.;All textboxes, labels and ?Display?.? button are hidden (invisible).;Make the list box and ?Close? button visible.;Display the information to the user as shown above.;When the "Close" button is clicked;Make the list box and close button invisible.;Make the other controls visible again;Validating inputs is not required.;Option Strict On is required.;To make a control visible or invisible, you may set the ? Visible ? property to True or False, for example: lstResult.Visible = False;About ?zone? output formatting;The following actions should be performed to execute zone output formatting ----;Set ? Font ? property of list box as ? Courier New ?, which is fixed-width font style, each character has the same width.;Declare and define a format string;Dim fmtStr As String = "{0,-25}{1,10};It will print data in two columns, the width of the first column (column 0) is 25 characters and left-aligned (?-?), the width of the second column (column 1) is 10 characters and right-aligned;Display data in the list box by calling String.Format method, for example ----;ResultListBox.Items.Add(String.Format(fmtStr, "Meals and Entertainment", FormatCurrency(MealEnter, 2)));Entertainment" is the data printed in the first column;FormatCurrency(MealEnter, 2) is the data printed in the second column


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