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CSC 139 Chapter 6 Lab Assignments (1);Methods;Objectives;In this lab assignment, students will learn;- How to define methods and functions;- How to call methods or functions;- How to specify parameters and how to pass arguments by value;Goals;In this lab assignment, students will demonstrate the abilities to;- Define methods and functions;- Call methods or functions;- Specify parameters and pass arguments by value;Grading;- Design and create a GUI (20 pts);- Create correct event handler methods (30 pts);- Define and call methods or functions correctly (30 pts);- The program can be compiled and executed without error (20 pts);In this lab assignment, you will create a ?Gas Pump? application. A gas pump calculates the cost of gas based on the grade of gas. The station charges;? $2.69 per gallon for Regular grade gas;? $2.79 per gallon for Special grade gas;? $2.89 per gallon for Super grade gas;? Create a windows form application that simulates the functionality of the gas pump.;? The user enters the number of gallons to purchase in a TextBox.;? Click the desired grade button (each grade is represented by a Button whose Text properties are set to Regular, Special and Super).;? The total cost will be calculated and displayed on the form.;? In each Button?s Click event handler methods ?;o Read user?s input from TextBox.;o Call a function to calculate total cost by passing number of gallons and grade of gas. The grade of gas can be retrieved from the Text property of each Button.;o Display the total cost on the form.;? Define a function to calculate total cost. This function;o Requests the values of number of gallonsand grade of gas (?Regular?, ?Special? or ?Super?).;o Calculates total cost.;o Returns the total cost.


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