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Objectives;To write program with input, output and control structures: sequential, selection;and;loop;To write program using array.;Question;Write a program that creates two String arrays, one to store names of 5 boys and another to;store names of 5 girls. Read the names from the user. The program then matches the boys;and the girls randomly and displays the 5 pairs of matched couples. The user can repeat the;same process of randomly matching the 5 pairs until (s)he chooses to quit the program.;Your program should not repeat any boy?s or girl?s name in the matching?;The sample of input and output of the program is shown below;This program is used to randomly match boys and girls;**********************************************;Please enter the names of 5 boys;Jonathan;Billy;Steven;William;George;Please enter the names of 5 girls;Mandy;Ellie;Lauren;Alice;Camilla;The result of the matching;Steven and Alice;Jonathan and Camilla;Billy and Ellie;William and Mandy;George and Lauren;Do you want to re-??match? (y/n): y;The result of the matching;Billy and Camilla;George and Mandy;Jonathan and Alice;William and Lauren;Steven and Ellie;Do you want to re-??match? (y/n): n;Thank you for using the program.


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