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IP Security and Attacks




Based on your understanding of networking concepts, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document with (embedded Visio or word canvas diagram) answering the following;Describe 'The Three Principles of IP Security'.;Cite references as well as a detailed explanation for the same.;Explain how you would as an employee of a company practice those principles.;Describe 'Typical IP Attacks' that happen in networks around the world.;Cite references for three different types of attacks that occurred recently (with current and past year) in the news.;Explain how the attack occurred and what was needed to remedy the situation.;Using the Online Library or the Internet describe security policies that would enable you to detail a security policy defensive enough for your company to integrate and adhere.;Embed a Visio or Word canvas diagram of the network architecture which you will use to supplement your security policy.;Support your responses with examples.;Cite any sources in APA format.;Criteria for assignment;Analyzed and described the Principles of IP Security in detail for each of the three principles;Explained what typical IP attacks are and how to prevent such attacks;Cited three different recent instances of IP attacks in the news;Provided a design of the proposed architecture using Visio embedded into the word document. Also described process of creating the network with Visio. (Important);Written Components;DUE: Monday July 14, 2014;NLT 1300 EST


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