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1. Discuss the trade-offs between circuit switching, virtual circuit switching, and packet switching.;2. Answer the following about communication protocols;(a) IP (Internet Protocol) is described as a ?best-effort delivery service.? What exactly does this mean? What is the consequence if the "best effort" fails?;(b) Explain how UDP (User Datagram Protocol) differs from IP as a transport mechanism.;(c) Finally, describe the added capability TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) provides for data transport.;3. Your cousin has asked you to help her to design a small home network for her own use.;a) What are the important questions that you will need to ask as you start to consider your design? List at least three.;b) What are the critical components that you will need to specify in your design? List at least three.;4. Explain the steps the Address Resolution Protocol takes to match an IP with a MAC address.


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