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Project 5: Implementation Plan




Using the group recommendation memo and merged topology, develop a high-level plan for implementing the changes and mitigating vulnerabilities and convergence issues. The high-level plan should include all the system development lifecycle (SDLC) gates/decision points and all relevant tasks.;This is a combination of a paper and a list of steps that you would follow to implement and complete this project. Think about all of the actions, resources, and tasks that you would need in order to effect a successful implementation. You can Google "IT project plans" to find a template. Below is a possible structure, with the minimum requirements laid out;INTRODUCTION;Purpose of Plan;GOALS AND OBJECTIVES;Business Goals and Objectives;Project Goals and Objectives;SCOPE;Scope Definition;Items Beyond Scope;PROJECTED EXPENSES;System Development Lifecycle/Schedule GATES;Milestones;ASSUMPTIONS;Project Assumptions;CONSTRAINTS;Project Constraints;Critical Project Barriers;Risk and Mitigation;Gate 1 Project Start;Gate 2 Project Strategy Signoff ?;Gate 3 Systems Requirements Signoff - Development/Acquisition Phase;Gate 4 System Design Lockdown;Gate 5 System Performance Review ? Implementation Phase;Gate 6 Deployment Assessment ? Operations/Maintenance Phase;Gate 7 Project Capstone ?Assumptions;Action Plan;Beginning;1 Point;Developing;2 Points;Capable;3 Points;Powerful;4 Points;1. context and specific outcomes described;Shows little understanding or comprehension of task;Provides partially developed context with some relationship to specific learning outcomes;Gives a generally clear articulation of context and specific learning outcomes;(rationale and learning outcomes are clear), Is partially complete, with not all critical steps listed;Is very comprehensive, gives a clear articulation of context and learning outcomes, with;SDLC gate details included;2. steps to be taken listed, resources clearly identified, with specific deadlines given;Shows little understanding or comprehension of the task, overlaps too much with regular program or course expectations;Shows gaps in the articulation of steps, is vague or lacking in details, is not detailed or too general in discussion of resources, replicates regular program or course expectations;Gives a generally clear articulation of steps/deadlines, lists adequate resources, is a realistic and substantial plan;Gives a clear and innovative articulation of steps/deadlines, lists good resources, is realistic and very substantial;3. proposed evidence of growth given;Shows little understanding or comprehension of task;Gives limited proposed evidence of growth;Gives generally clear and specific proposed evidence of growth that is easy to picture;Gives clear and innovative proposed evidence of growth;Remaining points will be awarded based on organization, spelling and grammar, and readability.


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