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R the article titled, "Enterprise IT shops now choose SSD storage," located in the online course shell and at;;Solid State Drive (SSD) storage devices;Instuctions, Write a three to four (304) page papaper in which you.;1, Examine the major benefits for an organization to use SSDs;2. Analyse the major disadvantages and possible hazards that an organization should consider before adopting SSDs;3. Recommend whether oe not Delaware Health and Social Services anbd the Diabled American Veterans should sewriously consider SSDs for their organizations. Provide a rational for your response.;4. Determine whether SSDs are more or less difficult for computer forensics personal to examine. Suggest whether o not an organization, such as Health and Social Services and the Diaabled American Veterans, should consider the difficulty of computer forensic examinations when considering the purchase of SSDs. Provide a rationale for response.;5. Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment. Note Wikipedia and similar Websistes do not qualify as quality resources.;Doubel spaced, using Time New Roman font size (12) one inch margins on all sides citations and references must follow ApA format.


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