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Final Project Requirements;15 pts Proper hypertext markup language (HTML) and JavaScript structures;10 pts Web site developed around one theme/topic;30 pts Dynamic HTML menu with links from and to every page;30 pts Use of a cookie to save and retrieve data;45 pts Form validation by use of a JavaScript function and event, including the following;1) Required text in text field;2) Required numeric value in text field;3) Radio button selected;4) At least one item selected from a list;5) Check box selected;35 pts Repeating logic included with while, do?while, or for statements;35 pts Decision logic included, using if?else or case statements;25 pts One built-in JavaScript class used: date, number, math, or string;15 pts Error-free;10 pts All pages and images properly saved and uploaded to your Web space.;Total Points: 250;For a puppy website, the site is very dark. It is very difficult to read blue text on a black background. What about using a lighter colored background? Then put all the content from the page into a tag with a width of 900px and using margin:auto auto, That should center everything on the page (right to left). Then you can use a dark color for the main background.;Also your navigation MUST stay in the same location on every page. Here's the trick. Use the code for the home page (after you have completed the steps above). Then include the banner and navigation on every page, the same as the home page.;For your rollover effect, try one of the rollovers that change the background color as well. More professional looking.


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