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PART 2: Network Design




PART 2: Network Design.;Classic Catalog Company runs a small but rapidly growing catalog sales business. It has;outsourced its Web operations to a local ISP for several years but as sales over the Web has;become a larger portion of its business, it has decided to move its Web site onto its own;internal computer systems. It has also decided to undertake a major upgrade of its own;internal networks. The company has two building: an office complex and a warehouse. The;2-story office complex building has 20 computers. The first floor has 10 computers devoted;to telephone sales. The company expects to add another 5 telephone sales computers over;the coming year. The warehouse, located 400 feet across the company?s parking lot from the;office building, has about 100,000 square feet, all on one floor. The warehouse has 5;computers in the shipping department located at one end of the warehouse. The company;wants to experiment with using wireless handheld computers to help employees more quickly;locate and pick products for customer orders. Based on traffic projections for the coming;year, the company plans to use a T1 connection from its office to its ISP, but wants to make;sure that the network is designed to be easily expandable should traffic increase more rapidly;than expected. It expects to need at least three servers: the main Web server, an e-mail 2;server, and an internal application server for its application systems (e.g., orders, payroll).;Design the network with best practices. Please provide a diagram and be sure to include the;devices and type of network circuits you would use, and explain why.


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