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IFSM 301 IT Decision Paper




**DO NOT TRY TO MESSAGE ME UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE COMPUTER SCIENCE FIELD***;IT Decision Paper;Using the case provided and the IT project proposed in your IT Strategic Plan Part 2 assignment, develop an IT Decision Paper to explain and defend your proposed IT project. Explain how the proposed project aligns to the business strategies and to the IT portfolio, show how it fits with other systems in use or in development, identify benefits that align to the business strategies, list the high level requirements for the project, assess the project?s relative size and complexity, develop benefits and performance measures, and apply the system development life cycle phases to the project. Your analysis will be presented in a short paper following the outline provided, using Microsoft Word, or in a format that can be read using MS Word.;**I HAVE ATTACHED THE DETAILED INSTURCUTION FOR THE ASSIGNMENT AND GRADING CRITERIA.;**I HAVE ATTACHED THE CASE STUDY FOR REFEREENCE;**ALSO ATTACHED MY PART 1 AND PART 2 ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS FOR REFERENCE TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT


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