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1. Creating an object of a given class is called;A) declaration.;B) referencing.;C) instantiation.;D) implementation.;E) definition.;2. In Java, an array of integers contains _____, while an array of objects contains _____.;A) values, values;B) values, references;C) references, values;D) references, references;3. Analyze the following Java main program: public static void main(String[] args) { print(sort(create())), } It is an example of _____ programming.;A) imperative;B) procedural;C) functional;D) object-oriented;E) extreme;4. A _____ is a set of values and a collection of operations on those values.;A) data type;B) abstract data type;C) data structure;D) none of the above;5. Dynamic programming means;A) deriving data types at runtime based on input data.;B) providing overloaded methods to change the implementation based on data types.;C) computing current values based on previous values in a recursion.;D) using recursion to allow an array or linked list to grow or shrink.;E) none of the above.;6. The root level of a tree is designated as;A) the parent level.;B) the primary level.;C) level 1.;D) level 0;E) level N-1.;7. An array of linked lists would be considered;A) a compound structure.;B) an abstract data structure.;C) a data type.;D) a and b.;E) a and c.;F) b and c;8. In _____, references are known as pointers and are commonly used.;A) C and Java;B) C but not in Java;C) Java but not in C;D) none of the above;9. Convert the following expression to postfix. (5 * ((9 * 8) + (7 * (4 + 6))));A) *5+*98*7+46;B) 598*746+*+*;C) *5*98+7*46+


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