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CMIS 242 - Intermediate Programming Programming Project 4




CMIS 242 - Intermediate Programming;Programming Project 4;The fourth programming project involves writing a program to manage a student database. The interface to the program should be a GUI that looks similar to the following;A combo box should allow the user to select one of the three database actions shown. The database should be implemented as a HashMap, with the ID field as the key and a student record consisting of a name and GPA as the value. The operation should be performed when the user clicks the Process Request button. If the user attempts to insert a key that is already in the database an error message should be displayed using a JOptionPane message dialog box. If the user attempts to delete or find a record that is not in the database, a message should also be displayed.;This program must consist of two classes, one for handling the database interactions and a second class that defines the student record.


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