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Question 1 of 10;10.0 Points;Word can be customized through settings found in which of the following?;A.File tab;B.Word Options dialog box;C.Word Settings dialog box;D.none of the above;Question 2 of 10;10.0 Points;Word sets the Author property for a document based on which of the following?;A.user information setting;B.user initials;C.user name setting;D.none of the above;Question 3 of 10;10.0 Points;The options found on the Display screen of the Word Options dialog box set options for which of the following?; a document will appear on screen; a document will appear when printed;C.both a and b;D.none of the above;Question 4 of 10;10.0 Points;You can change how often files are backed up using options found on which of the following screens?;A.Save;B.Popular;C.Advanced;D.all of the above;Question 5 of 10;10.0 Points;If you change the default working folder using the Save screen in the Word Options dialog box, the change will be applied to all Office programs.;True;False;Question 6 of 10;10.0 Points;You can customize keyboard shortcuts from the Customization screen in the Word Options dialog box.;True;False;Question 7 of 10;10.0 Points;You can adjust parental control settings from the Research pane.;True;False;Question 8 of 10;10.0 Points;The options are some of the most frequently used when customizing Word.;Question 9 of 10;10.0 Points;Changing options in the screen affects how documents appear both on the screen and when printed.;Question 10 of 10;10.0 Points;The screen contains many options for working with Word including options for editing, printing, saving, and displaying.


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