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Let Account be the bank




1. Let Account be the bank account class discussed in Chapter 3. What balance will be stored in acct1, acct2, and acct3 after the following statements have been executed?;Account acct1 = new Account(200.00);Account acct3 = new Account(200.00);Account acct2= acct3;acct1.withdraw(50.00);acct2.deposit(100.00);acct3.deposit(50.00);2. Suppose that f1 and f2 are Fraction objects, where Fraction is the class described in Chapter 3. Write a statement that adds f1 and f2 and stores the result in a variable named f3. (The method that adds fractions is named add.) You may assume that f3 has already been declared as a Fraction variable.;3. Show the output of the following program.;public class Problem47;public static void main(String[] args);String msg1 = "CSc 226J is available next quarter;String msg2 = "Get a grip!;String msg3 = "Now, let's eat!;String sub1 = msg1.substring(7, 15);String sub2 = msg2.substring(6, 8);String sub3 = msg3.substring(11, msg3.length());System.out.println(sub1.substring(0, 1) +;sub1.substring(5, sub1.length()) +;sub1.substring(1, 5) +;sub2 + sub3);Output = Java is great!;4.What will be printed when the following statements are executed?;Account acct1 = new Account(1000.00);Account acct2 = new Account(1000.00);if (acct1 == acct2);System.out.println("Equal");else;System.out.println("Not equal");5. Following is a part of the source codes for NFLTeam3 and NFLGameDay3 classes. To make sure one can run the following NFLGameDay3 and print the meaningful win/loss number of the teams on the screen, please write necessary methods to finish the class of NFLTeam3 (hints: at least 3 more methods are needed).;public class NFLTeam3;privateint win;privateint loss;private String name;public void winAgame();win++;public void winAgame(NFLTeam3teamB);win++;teamB.lossAgame();public void lossAgame();loss++;//end of NFLTeam3 class definition;public class NFLGameDay3;public static void main (String [] args);NFLTeam3 falcons = new NFLTeam3("falcons");NFLTeam3 steelers = new NFLTeam3("steelers");falcons.lossAgame(steelers);System.out.println (falcons);System.out.println (steelers);6. For each of the following code segments, how many times will ``Hello World'' be printed out when the code segment is executed? Briefly explain each answer. Be careful, some of these are tricky!;a) int i;for (i = 0, i <= 10, i++);System.out.println("Hello World");b) int i;for (i = 1, i < 10, i++);if (i % 3 == 0);System.out.println("Hello World");c) int i;for (i = 1, i <= 25, i++);System.out.println("Hello World");7. Of the following if statements, which one correctly executes three instructions if the condition is true?;A) if (x < 0);a = b * 2;y = x;z = a - y;B);if (x < 0);a = b * 2;y = x;z = a - y;C) if { (x < 0);a = b * 2;y = x;z = a - y;D) if (x < 0);a = b * 2;y = x;z = a - y;E) B, C and D are all correct, but not A


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