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guessing game with numbers




1. Design and implement an application that plays a guessing game with numbers. The program should generate a random number between 1 and 100 (inclusive), then repeatedly prompt the user to guess the number. On each guess, display a message to the user indicating their guess is correct or the guess is too high or too low. Continue accepting guesses until the user guesses correctly or chooses to quit. Accept a sentinel value (0 is often used) to allow the user to signal they want to quit. Keep a count the number of guesses and report the count when the user guesses correctly. At the end of each game (by quitting or a correct guess), prompt the user to indicate whether they want to play again.;Continue playing games until the user chooses to stop. Remember to include the comment block required at the beginning of all Java programs. It should resemble;2. Create a flowchart for your application. You should do this first to help with the logic of your application.


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