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1. Create a friend class BestFriend to the class frac. Inside the class BestFriend, and implement a function outputfrac() to print the content of the frac instance.;2. Create a friend function outputfrac() to print the content of the frac instance for class GoodFriend to the class frac.;Starter: lab8_ex1_friend.cpp;#include;#include // labs();using namespace std;class frac, // Forward Declaration <--- necessary for using frac before it is defined;// Function Prototypes for Overloaded Stream Operators;ostream &operator < > (istream &&, frac &);// Define the GoodFriend class which has a Friend outputfrac();class GoodFriend;// ---> define the GoodFriend class;class frac;//private;long num;long den;public;// constructors;frac();num = 0;den = 1;frac(long n, long d);num = n;den = d;frac(const frac &f);num = f.num;den = f.den;// accessors and mutators;long getNum() {return num,};long getDen() {return den,};void setNum(long n) {num = n,};void setDen(long d) {den = d,};// auxiliary method;void outputfrac() {std::cout << ' ' << num << '/' << den << ' ',};// Friends - overload stream operators;friend ostream &operator << (ostream &strm, const frac &f);strm << f.num << '/' < BestFriend prototype here;// Friend function ---> GoodFriend::outputfrac() prototype here;//--------------------------------------------------------------;// Friend class to frac - method definition here;class BestFriend;// ---> define the best friend class with outputfrac() here;void GoodFriend::outputfrac(frac &f);// ----> define this friend's outputfrac() here;int main();// testing friendship;frac f(3,8);BestFriend bf;bf.outputfrac(f);GoodFriend gf;gf.outputfrac(f);cout << f;return 0


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