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CMGT 400 (Introduction to Information Assurance & Security) Week 5 Complete A+ Graded




CMGT 400 (Introduction to Information Assurance & Security);Week 5;Week 5 DQ 1;What is the role of an internal IT audit group in an organization? Why is having such a group important for an organization and why should it report outside the normal IT reporting channels?;Week 5 DQ 2;What are at least three questions that you would ask to perform basic threat modeling for a field other than health care? Base your response on the information found in the AHC Media article (2009). Discuss your reasons for picking the questions you use.;Week 5 Assignments;CMGT 400 Week 5 Assignment, Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Presentation (11 Slides);CMGT 400 Week 5 Assignment-Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report (3800+ Words)


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