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CMIS 325 Final Project




CMIS 325 ? Final Project;The 'official' requirements for the final project, as presented in the course Syllabus/Project Descriptions are reproduced;below;Create and manage a phone book text data file.;Create five correctly working programs;menu;add;display;change;remove;Each of these programs should work together as a unique application;Include documentation as header comment blocks for each program.;Your final project will be graded based on;functionality (50 percent);proper style: indentation, use of white space, variable names (10 percent);adherence to requirements (30 percent);user-friendly application (10 percent);Please be aware that grading will be done according to the scheme included above and do not forget to include;documentation as required.;From Assignment 7 you already have the structure for the final project, thus the task for this week is to add two new;functions, for changing an entry in the phone book, and for removing an entry. Updates are required in the main part of;the script to include the two new options in the menu, and there is also a supplementary requirement for the Add;function: now you have to check that the phone number is typed in the format ddd-ddd-dddd (Please do not forget to;make this change! There is a post in the Assignment 7 conference about how to proceed for this test.);More detailed requirements for the two new functions are presented next. In both functions the phone book file must be;searched for a certain line, and that line, if found, is either modified, or deleted. The search will use as 'key' the last;name and first name of a person. In case there is no such line in the phone book, both functions should return with a;message informing the user that the key is not present in the file. To simplify the requirements, assume that there is at;most one entry in the phone book for a given person.;Function Delete;This function requires from the user the Last Name and First Name of a person and searches the phone book for a;corresponding entry. If no such entry is found, the function displays a message informing the user, if the entry is found;that line must be removed from the file, and then the function informs the user about the success of the operation. The;function requires an acknowledgement from the user (type any character) to return to menu display.;Function Change;This function must change the phone number of a specified person (Last Name First Name.) It asks the user to type Last;Name, First Name and New Phone Number. If there is no entry for the specified person, the function displays a message;informing the user, if the entry is found, that line is replaced with a line containing the name of the person and the new;phone number, then the function informs the user about the success of the operation. The function requires an;acknowledgement from the user (type any character) to return to menu display.;Notes;1. This time the functions can have the simple names: add, display, change, remove.;2. Think of using commands that were also used in previous assignments for processing text files.


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