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Cressida Bank has three support areas (administrat...




Cressida Bank has three support areas (administration, human resources, and accounting) and three revenue-generating areas (checking accounts, savings account, and loans). Monthly direct cost and the interdepartmental support structure are shown in the following benefits-provided ranking. PERCENTAGE OF SERVICE USED BY Department Direct Costs Admin. HR Accounting Administration $360,000 10% 10% Human Resources 240,000 10% 10 Accounting 200,000 10 10 Checking 280,000 Savings 150,000 Loans 300,000 Below the Checking, Savings, and Loans goes with the percentage of service used by chart, it goes beside Accounting up the very top, I ran out of space. Checking Savings Loans 30% 40% 10% 30 20 30 40 20 20 Compute the total cost for each revenue-generating area of the bank using the direct method. I put the chart where the answers go in the browse.


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