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You will be creating a grade book that will use arrays to store




You will be creating a grade book that will use arrays to store students and their grades. The breakdown of the;project is as follows.;You must be able to add a student, remove a student, edit a student, remove all students, and exit the program.;We are going to assume that each student has 10 possible assignments with a possibility of 10 points per assignment.;You are to develop several classes for this project to use. I will provide the class names, methods required (although you can create additional ones) and a grading rubric so you can coordinate your time accordingly.;The first class that you are to create is your driver class, that is, the one with the main method, and that is all.;Class Name: MidtermDriver;Method Name: main;Parameters: String[] args;Desired Result: Should initiate your midterm project using one method call to another class.;Data Returned: None;The next class that you are to create will be where most of your work is done, and will be the bulk of your grade.;Class Name: Midterm ? No constructor needed;Method Name: startProgram;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: This method should control the flow of your program, calling other methods of this class, and others as needed.;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: displayWelcomeMessage;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Should print welcome message that explains the program briefly. Also include your name and CSC 275 Online Midterm Project;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: displayOptions;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Print available options for program and read in an integer for their choice. Make sure that ONLY a single digit integer is entered. If something other than an integer is entered you should prompt the user to make a choice again, reinforcing the rules. For an example, here is my option menu;Please choose an action to perform. (Enter single digits only);1 - Add a student 2 - Remove a student;3 - Edit Student 3 - Remove all students;4 - Exit the program;Data Returned: User choice of action to take;Method Name: addStudent;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Prompt the user for student?s name, add the student to the array list (global) then have the user add grades for the student, assume 10 assignments with 10 points possible each.;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: removeStudent;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Prompt the user for student?s name then remove the student from the array list;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: editStudent;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Prompt the user for student?s name then edit the student?s information. You should prompt the user asking what they would like to edit so that they don?t have to edit everything about the student. For example, here is my option menu;Please enter a number indicating what you would like to edit;1 - Assignment 1 2 - Assignment 2;3 - Assignment 3 4 - Assignment 4;5 - Assignment 5 6 - Assignment 6;7 - Assignment 7 8 - Assignment 8;9 - Assignment 9 10 - Assignment 10;11 - Name 12 - Exit;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: removeAllStudents;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: Remove all students from the array list.;Data Returned: None.;Method Name: listAllStudents;Parameters: None.;Desired Result: List all students in your array list and their grades. For example, my output looks like this;Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10;Ben Ritter 2.0 8.0 6.0 5.0 7.0 4.0 7.0 3.0 2.0 6.0;Joshua Smith 9.0 8.0 5.0 7.0 4.0 6.0 3.0 7.0 8.0 5.0;Data Returned: None.;The next class that you need to create will be what I call a Virtual Object. It is an object that we are creating so that we can store data in a concise and thoughtful manner. The only thing we want to do here is store data for easy access and referencing from other classes.;Class Name: Student;Default Constructor ? Should do nothing;Overridden Constructor ? Should create a student with a name and all 10 grades;Global Variables;strStudentName;dblAssignmentOne;dblAssignmentTwo;dblAssignmentThree;dblAssignmentFour;dblAssignmentFive;dblAssignmentSix;dblAssignmentSeven;dblAssignmentEight;dblAssignmentNine;dblAssignmentTen;Methods: Each global variable should have an accessor (getter) and a mutator (setter).


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