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JAVA.;Create a program that has an object type of Contact. This contact will need to have the following attributes: Name, Birth Date, Phone Number, Address and Eye Color;You should write a simple program that prompts the user to create 2 new contacts. Once the contacts are created you need to print out their information in a readable manner (completely up to you ? but all traits must be displayed).;Finally, we need to prompt the user for a new name of the first contact. Once the new name is entered you need to print out the 2 contacts again (the first contacts name should be changed);Here is what I have so far not sure if its correct;public class Contact;private String name;private String phoneNumber;private String birthDate;private String address;private String eyeColor;public String getName();return name;public void setName(String newName);name = newName;public String getPhoneNumber();return phoneNumber;public void setPhoneNumber(String newPhoneNumber);phoneNumber = newPhoneNumber;public String getBirthDate();return birthDate;public void setBirthDate(String newBirthDate);birthDate = newBirthDate;public String getAddress();return address;public void setAddress(String newAddress);address = newAddress;public String getEyeColor();return eyeColor;public void setEyeColor(String newEyeColor);eyeColor = newEyeColor


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