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The Buyers and Sellers Project




project;The Buyers and Sellers Project;The Buyers and Sellers project will support people and businesses who have a product to sell (the Sellers) and people or businesses who want to purchase a product (the Buyers). The application will provide a broker system that will help Buyers search for, find, and purchase the product that they want.;Each Buyer will have a collection of products that they want to purchase. Each Seller has a product that they are offering for sale. To find and purchase a product, a Buyer will contact a broker who will attempt to locate that product for the Buyer. The broker will ask the Sellers if they can supply the desired product. Once a Seller of the product has been located, the broker will retrieve the product for the Buyer.;The broker portion of the application has already been developed. Your role in the project is to develop the Buyer and Seller classes. The broker will communicate with both Buyers and Sellers.;Each Buyer must know;Their name;The products they want to purchase;The products they have purchased;Each Buyer must be able to;Provide their collection of products they want to purchase;Provide their name;Provide the collection of products they have purchased;Add a new product to their collection of purchased items;Each Seller must know;Their name;The product they want to sell;Each Seller must be able to;Provide their name;Provide the product they want to sell;Answer if they can provide a particular product;Sell their product;You will start by designing some of the classes needed to build the Buyers and Sellers portion of the application. Create Java classes that will be used in the BuyersAndSellers Eclipse project. Your classes will work with the classes that already exist in the BuyersAndSellers project.;Create a test class that will help you verify that your class is operating correctly.;1. Create a class diagram that shows an interface called Buyer in the Violet UML editor. This interface should declare the methods to perform a buyer's responsibilities.;2. Add a class called BuyerImpl to the class diagram that implements the Buyer interface.;3. Add an interface called Seller that declares the methods to perform a seller's responsibilities.;4. Add a class called SellerImpl that implements the Seller interface.;5. Open the Sellers project in Eclipse and examine the methods that are declared in the Seller interface.;6. Write code to implement the methods for the SellerImpl class.;7. Write code in the SellerImplTestDriver class to test the methods in your SellerImpl class.;8. Add,,, and classes to a zipped file and submit.


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