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Implement and test a generic binary search




Implement and test a generic binary search. Note that your test program must use at least 2;types of data to prove that bsearch is generic.;Templating means that instead of passing a parameter such as Integer you pass a parameter;T. (T is a type variable and can be named anything). This means that you can call bsearch;with different types of objects.;Pseudo Code Example;Bsearch(String) Bsearch(Integer);This means you do not have to write 2 separate bsearch methods, one for String and one for;Integer.;The heart of how this is accomplished is the Comparable interface. If a class implements;Comparable, it defines less than, greater than and equals. Also, by making the type variable;you can call with any object that implements Comparable.;Example Code;public class Searches;public static int bsearch(T[] a, int first, int last, T key);called in main as;result = Searches.bsearch(IntegerArray,0, 10, key);result = Searchesbsearch(StringArray,0,10,key);Example Output;--------------------Configuration: --------------------;Integer test array contains;0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18;-3 is not in the array.;-2 is not in the array.;-1 is not in the array.;0 is at index 0;1 is not in the array.;2 is at index 1;3 is not in the array.;4 is at index 2;String test array contains;apples oranges peaches strawberries watermelons;apples is at index 0;plums is not in the array.;Process completed.


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