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Creating the User Interface




Creating the User Interface;This is a continuation of Express Book Shop;The focus of this week is PHP design and implementation. You will design a client-side application with the specified requirements. Review PHP code structures and provide basic instructions on object-oriented techniques. Work on the Express Book Shop assignment and submit the following by the end of the week;?Create the HTML web pages that you plan to use in the Express Book Shop assignment. Submit a screenshot for each web page.;?Add the proper PHP code to retrieve information from the database (items) and display them on the page. Submit a screenshot of the items displayed on the screen.;?Create a Login screen allowing users to log in to determine whether user is an admin or just a regular user (a return customer). Submit a screenshot of the admin or login page.;?If user is administrator, and after logging in, display a new link on the main page for administrative users to click on which will direct them to a page allowing them to insert or delete new items from the table in the database. Submit a screenshot of the main page before and after admin logs in.;Submit all screenshots, with PHP code in one zipped file to the Dropbox.;Support your responses with examples.;Cite any sources in APA format.


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