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Implement the following algorithm in C# using WFA GUI.;Write the student info and processed data (student name, exams, avg and grade and...) to student database //20 points;Update the student record as needed (changing grade, phone number, home address...) //20 points;List all students who have failed. //15 points;List all students who have passed. //15 points;List all students with a given grade (A, B, C, D or F) //15 points;Add exit with confirmation option. //10 points;Code documentation // 5 points;Submit source, database as a zip file in assignment box.;start;declare variables;print ?Enter student first name?;input studFirstName;print ?Enter student last name?;input studLastName;print ?Enter student address?;input studAddress;print ?Enter Phone?;input studPhone;print ?Enter score for exam 1?;input studExam1;print ?Enter score for exam 2?;input studExam2;print ?Enter score for exam 3?;input studExam3;compute studScore = studExam1 + studExam2 + studExam3;compute studAvg = studScore / 3;print ?Student?s Final Grade?;if studAvg >= 90 then;Grade = 'A;else if studAvg >=80 then;Grade = 'B;else if studAvg >=70 then;Grade = 'C;else if studAvg >=60 then;Grade = 'D;else;Grade = 'F;endif;Print Grade;stop


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