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IT domain controllers




Week 2 Group Project Outline;Individual Portion;Based on the Week 2 chat you need to have print screens and/or discuss in detail the following items;? Show how you take a computer and would join it to a domain;o name/workgroup change;? Show how to logon to the new domain;? show how to map network drives to the server;? show software you might install to get a user going on the new network;o antivirus;o adobe reader;o Malwarebytes or some spyware detection program;o Other company software;Group Portion;Document;? Visio (or other) diagram showing locations for wired connections throughout the office (Andrew);? server install process (Andrew);? changes to the existing server (mainly promoting it to a domain controller (Andrew);? The IP addressing subnetting scheme and how it changed from phase 1 (Andrew);? minimum of 8 screen shots (Andrew);PowerPoint;? 6 ? 10 PowerPoint slides;? IP addressing scheme and security (duplicate info from document above);o think users;o think folder authorizations;? any changes to operating system;o for example a Windows 7 Home has difficulty joining a domain, so we would upgrade it to Windows 7 Professional;? Network services needed because of changes to the network;? what needs to be done to the existing facilities or systems to integrate old system with the new;? TCP/IP services to be considered;o DHCP;o DNS;? additional equipment required.


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