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Below are seven questions, select any five to answer. Unlike the midterm, I am looking for a short developed essay, with an introduction, more in depth discussion, and then the bottom line concluding paragraphs. None of the questions can be answered in a single paragraph, or even two or three, but will require several paragraphs each. Some questions will require more support and discussion, some less. I will be looking at how your respond and develop your response, and the conclusion you will reach.;As with the exam, and the paper, do not cut and paste hunks of material. Use direct quotes to support one's work, not to write it for you.;Don't answer each part of the question separately. That is if the question is: Lay out the importance of counterintelligence to the war on terror. What is the most important element? Why? Do agree?;Use good narrative paragraphs. I should be able to see the answers to all the questions either in how you develop the answer, or how the answers might be implicit in your response. Have a good introduction, and don't forget that the conclusion is the most important element, and must be developed, and supported.;Have a cover sheet to the exam, use good one idea paragraphs, if you use direct quotes, use them correctly, if you have data or specific examples, be sure to cite them correctly. But use outside sources sparingly, I want to see your words and ideas in the responses, not paraphrasing of the text, outside sources, or quotes used to write the responses.;There is no minimum or maximum number of paragraphs or length to the answers. Write as much as you need to answer the question, a good answer is no shorter or longer than it needs to be.;Have fun and enjoy. All exams are due by midnight the last day of the term, but you may turn them in earlier if you wish. Good luck!;1.Jan C. Ting argues that the greatest threat to U.S. homeland security comes from the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants. Until the gaping holes in border security are closed up and the weaknesses in immigration policies are replaced by serious reforms, the United States will become more and more vulnerable to deadly terrorist plots within its own borders. Do agree? If so what specific threat are you concerned with? What are some of the solutions you would recommend?;2.Do you believe domestic terrorism, such as the ?lone wolves,? is a greater terrorist threat to American than transnational terrorism such as al Qaeda? Why? Is America prepared equally to handle both threats, or is the focus by DHS out of touch with current reality?;3.How do the authors of "Modernizing Homeland Security" suggest that the U.S. approach to security be changed? Discuss at least two of the steps that you believe should be taken to institutionalize the new approach to national security, and why?;4.Of nuclear terrorism, biological terrorism, or chemical terrorism which do you think is the most realistic threat to America, why? Is there a way to lower the risk of your selection? You only have to address the one you think is the most realistic threat.;5.In combating terrorism does the means justify the ends? That is when interrogating a known terrorist who has information that could mean the life or death of hundreds, if not thousands, are enhance methods of interrogation justified? As a first method, alternative method, last resort, never? Support your view.;6.As America gone too far in suppressing liberties in order to protect those very same liberties? Use examples, and defend your position.;7.In combating terrorism, what form of intelligence may be the most important to have? Discuss the pros and cons, and the difficulty or ease of the collection method required for that form of intelligence.


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