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CMIS 242 Intermediate Programming homework 2




Instructions;Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false;An abstract class can have ordinary methods but an interface cannot.;An abstract class cannot have any constructors.;No class can implement more than one interface.;It is not possible to create an instance of an abstract class.;All methods of an interface are implicitly public.;Why won't the following program compile? Correct it so that it will compile and properly implement Comparable. class Int implements Comparable;private int x;public Int(int x);this.x = x;public int compareTo(Int other);return x - other.x;What is the output of the following program? class A;public A();System.out.println;The default constructor of A is invoked");class B extends A;public B();System.out.println;The default constructor of B is invoked");public class C;public static void main(String[] args);B b = new B();Given the following class and interface definitions: class Base;{...;interface Spec;{...;class Derived extends Base implements Spec;For each of the following declarations, indicate whether it is correct or incorrect and provide an explanation.;Derived object2 = new Base();Spec object3 = new Derived();Spec object4 = new Base();Base object1 = new Derived();Derived object5 = new Spec();Indicate whether each of the following will compile and if not, correct it so it will.;class Class1;abstract void method1();abstract class Class2;abstract void method2();void method3()


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